Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji Maharaj Images statue at Raigad

I am trying to present before you Information of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in English language. There were so many incidents that happened in his life which encourage us. So, this Biography of Shiva Chhatrapati will motivate you in your life. Short Introduction: The first Chhatrapati and founder of the Maratha

Shahaji Raje Bhosale

Shahaji Bhosale Images

Identity: Shahaji Raje Bhosale was an influential Adilshahi chieftain of the Bhosale family. Date of Birth: 18th March 1594 Death: 23rd January 1664 Wives: Jijabai, Tukabai, Narsabai Introduction: In this article, I am going talking about the son of Maloji Raje of Verul that is Sri Shahaji Raje Bhosale. He

Rani Laxmi bai Biography- True Revolutionary of 19th Century

Introduction to Rani Laxmi bai Biography: Rani Laxmi bai Biography will really motivate you. Laxmi Bai is popularly known as “The Queen of Jhansi.” She remembered in Indian History as a skilled ruler and loyal patriot. She was also known as Manikarnika in Indian History. Laxmibai changed the male-dominated culture