Maharana Pratap Singh

Introduction to Maharana Pratap History: Maharana Pratap History is very important in History of India. He makes us realize the importance of freedom and we should fight for it. Furthermore, He was always an ideal person who sacrificed his whole life for Nation. Let’s start with the meaning of Maharana,

Monuments of India

Historical Places in India: Monuments of India plays vital role in Indian History. India has a great historical background. So, you get to see the many beautiful and historical places in India. Foreigners are pretty much interested in Monumets of India. Even foreigners and Indians do not know about these

Freedom Fighters of India

Freedom fighters: The Indian freedom fighters are those who try to liberate the motherland (India) from slavery under foreign rule. revolutionaries: Freedom fighters who promote violent behavior for the liberation of the motherland are called revolutionaries. Starting of Human Wars: After human evolution, human animals started living together. Humans attacked

Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur

Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj

Introduction: Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur, a very popular social reformer and Chhatrapati of the state Kolhapur in the 19th century. Born: 26 June 1874 State: 1894-1922 Coronation: 1894 Father: Jaisingrao Ghatge or Nickname: Abasaheb Mother: Radhabai Death: 6 May 1922 at Mumbai Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur and Chhatrapati

Sambhaji Maharaj History

Sambhaji Maharaj Statue at Pune

Short Intro of Chhatrapati Sambhaji Raje: 2nd Great Chhatrapati of Maratha Empire Born: 14th May 1657 at Purandar fort, Pune Coronation: 20th July 1680 at Panhala fort Father: Chhatrapati Shri Shivaji Maharaj Mother: Saibai Spouse: Yesubai Elder Daughter: Bhavanibai Younger Son: Chhatrapati Shri Shahu Maharaj Reign: 20th July 1680 to

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji Maharaj Images statue at Raigad

I am trying to present before you biography of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, with the help of important events happened in his life. This life story of Shiva Chhatrapati will definitely inspire you in your life. Short Introduction: The first Chhatrapati and founder of the Maratha Empire Date of birth: February

Shahaji Raje Bhosale

Shahaji Bhosale Images

Identity: Shahaji Raje Bhosale was an influential Adilshahi chieftain of the Bhosale family. Date of Birth: 18th March 1594 Death: 23rd January 1664 Wives: Jijabai, Tukabai, Narsabai Introduction: In this article, I am going talking about the son of Maloji Raje of Verul that is Sri Shahaji Raje Bhosale. He

Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi bai

Short Introduction: Identity: Manikarnika Tambe, After marriage name: Queen Laxmi bai Nevalkar Born: At Varanasi on 19th November 1835 Father: Moropant Tambe Mother: Bhagirathibai Marriage: In the year 1842, with the king of Jhansi organizations, Gangadharao Nevalkar Death: On the day of 18th June 1858 at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Introduction: